Two Mountains

by shay

I dreamed I was sitting in a hot unknown place in a chair carved into a black mountain wearing all black clothing in the shade petting a fat black and gray cat that was purring. This mountain was facing a sandy colored mountain that was illuminated brightly by the hot Sun and had what appeared to be a cleft shaped like an L only the lower part of the letter was without end.

There was a tall man maybe six five about 225 in a khaki tan dickies outfit that was blood red in the back climbing the mountain easily w/o equipment. He misjudged the depth of the L shaped cleft fell face first to his death and his intestines etc flew out of his body (the mist from them sprayed my face) and went over the back of the mountain he fell from and I heard people scream.

All I can recall about this dream is thinking he was going to fall and not having a reaction when he did. What does this mean??

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