Unbelieveable Boss

by Misty

This is my true story of what happened when a new store manager started working at a local store I worked at.

I was about 22yrs old and I was told our new store manager was here and as I turned to shake hands with him our hands touched and our eyes met. It felt as if my spirit came out of my body and stared at him eye to eye, that is the only way I can explain it, almost if my spirit was threatened in some way, I never felt anything like that before or after.

I continued working there and in a couple of weeks my coworkers started teasing me about how he would always say hi to me and good morning and show favor of me. I blew it off and continued work, but after 4 months strange things started happening and I noticed he would know about things that happened when he was in the back room and should not have known. There were no cameras in the part of the store where this things happened and he would not have been able to know about them.

Then he began to say strange things to me when he would walk by me like "there's a lot of things you can do with money" and also "Just think about it" and "I know you know" weird yeah but,then one day I was sweeping the floor and he walked up to the register and whispered hey and my name. I looked up and his eyes were bloody red. He was shaking his head slowly back and forth in a "no" manner and he was saying shhhhhhhh at me. I said out loud "OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR EYES!!??"

I walked over and looked up to his eyes and he looked back down at the register I could see the redness that looked like blood on the bottom of his eye lid there was no way it could have been contacts!! He turned and walk toward the back room and I followed him, he sat down and I yelled his name he looked up at me his eyes were normal they were blue actually and said what?

I ask him if he had eye drops and he said no I don't. I was looking at him the whole time and this is completely unexplained and still freaks me out when I remember his blood red eyes and telling me to shhhhhhh.

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