Unknown Demon

by Ahmed Abdul Kadir

When I was 12 years old I took a vacation with my parents; quite the usual vacation where we go back to our country and visit my grandparents at the country side. Well over there we usually sleep at the backyard in summer because of the good weather over there.

However while asleep at night I suddenly woke with a hissing sound which kind of pained my ear so I just turned my head looked back find everyone still sleeping. I suspected something weird. I just kept staring at my family; just observing why no one heard the sound. I was quiet - never spoke a word or called anyone when the hiss stops and I hear a dog barking which was not something weird to wake anyone because we had many dogs in our neighborhood.

However I just kept on listening to that sound and suddenly the bark volume kept on becoming higher. Next thing I knew I found a dog jumping completely over our high backyard wall! Believe me when I tell you the wall is so tall you can't get on top of it even with a chair, but that's not all. The dog was chased by some kind of cloud which had some kind of dog head and no legs. It was just floating and it penetrated through the wall which was a huge shock. I felt a shock and couldn't move - not even talk let alone shout.

So can anyone tell me what demon I saw please? I am kind of curious to know.

Thanks for reading. If u want to contact me my email is b-boy099@hotmail.com

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