Unknown Paranormal Thing

by Maria

Well this haunts me since the day I saw it. The thing I saw happened like 2 years ago.

So here's my story. One night I was driving to the grocery store, but before I left my neighborhood I had to go around this round-about & then all of a sudden I slam on my breaks & I saw a dark black figure. It was walking in front of my car & it looked straight at me, then it started walking like a normal person. But then all of a sudden it got on its 4 legs then it ran & disappeared.

It happened at 10:30 pm at night so after I saw that thing I went around the round-about and drove back to my house. I ran into my front door & I ran all the way upstairs to my brother. I told him what happened & so him & me went searching for it but we never found it. So we went home around midnight & then I went to bed, but the next night I saw the shadow of it through my window & I screamed like hell. That was the last time I saw whatever it was.

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