Unknown Spirit On Weeping Ways

by by : Miss. Nivedita Mishra
(Indore,Madhya Pradesh, India)

It is a story all around a girl named Alice. She was little, cute girl lived with her family in the town. One day when she as coming back from school, she saw an old lady coming towards her. She continued to walk and suddenly that old lady hugged her saying -“Oh! My lord; you are here, I was waiting for you since years, where you were?"

That little girl begins to cry …mom …dad...help me something is biting me, and …she woke up, what? What happened? "Why are you crying?" her mom and dad were in front of her bed, she wondered was it a dream?

Some days passed away, she started feeling pain in her arms, she felt that she can smell more, can run fast, attracted towards mom and dad more… One morning when she was dressing, she saw a biting sign on her arm.

That day she went to church with her mom, as they entered the church she started behaving abnormally, suddenly it started bleeding from her arm, she floated in the air and started laughing like a wicked lady and ran out of the church by saying -"you can’t get her back, she is mine until I reach my destiny…., she is my prey and you all are of hers"

Alice’s mom Kristen also ran after her, she call her father Joe but his mobile was switch-off, she ran towards home, when she reached home she saw Joe and told all about their daughter. Joe started laughing, she asked “why are you laughing? I am serious…"

Then Joe said - "I have no ring on my cell and what are talking about Alice? She is with me at home and how can you say this?"

Kristen - "Do you know where she is?"

Joe - "Yes, she is on the terrace…"

Kristen said – "Call her."

Joe - "Alice come downstairs darling."

Alice - "Yes father I am coming."

Kristen saw her and asked her – "My dear were you with me in church?!"

Alice – "No mom," Kristen hugs her and suddenly Alice says - "Do you think yourself wittier than me … Kristen!!!??" And again she heard that laugh.

Joe asked her "What happened Kristen?" She said nothing... From that day behavior of Alice got totally changed and Joe also felt strange about it.

After some days one morning when Joe woke up and he saw Alice was not there, he went downstairs and saw Alice having newspaper of that morning. She gave it to him and went to dress up. Joe didn’t noticed anything and she smiled.

On the way to her office Kristen told all things about her daughter to her best friend Rose. After listening to her she said – "Bring her to our clinic. We will concern about her with Dr. Marry."

Suddenly Kristen saw the newspaper of that morning but she shocked to see the front news was totally different! It was about the serial murders which were done in very strange manner. All the people who were murdered had a biting mark on their neck...

"Very strange, isn’t it Rose?" she asked. As she turned to her she saw Rose weeping. She asked her – "What happened?" Rose replied – "I am sorry to say, but it's time to say a bid good bye…!"

She said "What..." and suddenly their car meet an accident and Rose passed away. Kristen was in a comma, at night she felt that somebody was calling her. She opened her eyes and saw Rose was standing in front of her. She said - "Don’t be worried, I am your friend, I have very little time, just listen… take your daughter to Dr. Marry as soon as possible."

Kristen healed amazingly and doctors were surprised by seeing such a fast healing.

A cured Kristen took Alice to Dr. Marry, she said "Dear Kristen, your daughter needs power and wishes. Devil is in her body, but her soul is pure. All the people were murdered by Devil." She tied a cross over Alice's wrist.

She spoke up, "You can't do this to me!" and suddenly ran away from town. She came to a forest and within a glimpse the clear sunny sky converted into cloudy, dark, thundering sky and that devil lady came in front of her.

Alice said "What do you want from me? What is your problem? I am very little to give you anything! Leave me!"

The wicked lady said "I want your soul; you are my prey, different from all…! Your soul, you are my prey, different from all…! You can lead me to immortality." Then suddenly jumped over her but the power of the cross saved this little child of God. She hypnotized her and said, "Drop that cross." Alice dropped it but again that devil wasn’t able to kill her.

Suddenly Alice said "You can't kill me in the same way as you can't kill your soul, whenever you will try to hurt anybody I will stop you. Now your power will be your weakness."

That spirit ran away saying, "I will come again to take revenge."

That little cute girl was now a powerful vampire and that unknown spirit is running to take revenge on the weeping ways…

To be continued….

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