by Shayla

The other day, my friend showed me this website and the Ode to the Vampire Mother (is that what it's titled?). It was all very intriguing at first, since researching mythology is a hobby of mine. She pressured me into reciting both the Latin and English version of the "spell" and we left it at that.

I'm normally quite the rational person - superstitions do not normally affect me. On the contrary, I often laugh at those who believe in the paranormal. However, before chanting the ode, I had this inexplicable aversion to doing so. Perhaps the superstitions really did get to me at that time. But I shook the feeling off and told myself that it was no big deal - that such things didn't, couldn't, exist.

After a few days, I forgot entirely about the spell. After a week, I began to feel paranoid. It was almost as if something were shadowing me. I felt a presence near me and I felt as though I were constantly being watched. It was eerie and I didn't feel safe even in the comfort of my own bedroom, with the windows and door locked. I asked my friend about how she felt about the spell and she laughed it off, much as I had before about the experiences of others. She reported no odd feelings.

Lately, the presence has begun to make itself known. It used to be just a shadowy "thing" in the margins of my peripheral vision. It was in the background, like wallpaper. But now, I hear odd noises around my home and I hear footsteps or the subtle crunch of grass under feet behind me when I walk outside.

A few days ago, I saw the distinct shadow of a tall man, wearing a long coat, loitering outside my home. I made brief eye contact and suddenly felt so frightened that I turned around and walked away. I can't recall what his eyes looked like - in fact, all I can remember is that he was tall and that he was wearing a long coat. I don't even remember where I ran off to after encountering him.

I don't feel any eminent danger when I see him or when I hear odd noises; it's more like my own fear that consumes me because I did not ever foresee or want this to happen.

I never wanted this. I don't know why my friend isn't experiencing this - she's the one who suggested it and recited the ode willingly. It's a terrible feeling being terrorized in your own home. I'm very confused.

I'm going to college soon. I don't need this. I'm panicking.

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