Using My Mind Against Me

by Nathan

Now this story is more concerned and freakier for me then it is anyone else but I give my word that's true. For the story to make sense though I need to explain something from my childhood.

I never liked being home alone and when I was the T.V. was always turned on. It just made me feel safe like nothing would get me if it was on. So jumping to the day of the actual incident...

I was getting ready to go to bed. My parents were both upstairs (important to know for later). I have a routine of watching T.V. and when its 10:30 I go into the bathroom, brush my teeth, come out and shut the T.V. off then go to bed. As I was getting up I had this extreme fear that the T.V. would shut off while I was walking to the bathroom. I know many other people say this too but I felt more afraid then any other time in my life.

Well I hurried and brushed my teeth and went out by the T.V. and said in my mind, "see I had nothing to worry about." I bent down starting to reach and put my finger on the button (there is no remote for it) and when I'm about 1 inch away it shuts off. Instantly I pretty much knew something was messing with me so I did not react on the outside and just went to bed like normal.

The next day I asked my parents if the power went out just temporary or trying to find some explanation nothing lead to any real reason. The experience itself was almost forced upon me. Like someone made me think of the time when I was little and didn't want the T.V. to go off and waited until I least expected to use it against me.

This is my only experience with something this strange and nobody has died in my home that I know of or any other weird things. I'm just stating this for people who are curious.

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