Vampire In The Moonlight

by K Weber
(St. Cloud, Mn, USA)

 My last sunset as a human

My last sunset as a human

One night I was sleeping in my room when I heard someone tapping on my window. I bolted straight up and pulled a curtian open to find one of my best friends from another school outside with a piece of paper asking to come inside. I looked at the time and then went downstairs to let him in through the back door.

"Thanks." He said

"Yeah, any time." I said, "Why do you want to come here?"

"Because I have a question for you."

"OK. What kind?"

"You like vampires, right? You do, so would you like to become one?"


"Let's go to your bedroom and get it done and over with."

We went to my bedroom. It was dark and intimidating but I was comfortable with him. I lay down on my bed and waited for him to get ready. I saw fangs come down his cheeks, gleaming in the moonlight. I gasped a little as the teeth chomped down on my neck on the right side. I don't remember all that happened next, but I do remember waking up the next morning with heightened senses, fangs that could retract on command, paler skin, and a thirst for blood.

I got ready for school with these new powers and I knew that this was the life I was destined to have. Do I get burned by the sun? Yes but it goes away when I will it to and I have a mood for it to be gone. Do people ask why I don't eat a lot of human food? Yes and I tell them it's a big thing my doctor wants me to do for a while (a long while). Do people tease me on my pale skin? More often than not but that's ok. Do I drink blood? Yes, just not human. Animal blood is a great substitute.

I am not promoting this kind of life style at all, but I have a right to tell my story as it happened and to say, You have a choice and this choice will effect you for the rest of your life.

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