Vampire Infested Campground

One day when I was about 9-10 I went to a camp ground with my friend and his family. I had fun but some people seemed to stare at me. Those people seemed to have yellow eyes but when it was time to go to bed I just couldn't sleep. Then I heard some talking outside the tent.

"Oh so he's in there is he?"

I thought it was someone else talking about their kid so I just ignored it.

"Should we check up on him?" said a voice outside the tent. "Sure."

Suddenly I felt something look into the tent.

I peeked out of the tent to find to find 3 guys staring at me. One was about 25, the other was 30-35, and the last one was about 19. They all seemed to have black eyes.

The youngest one was dressed entirely in black clothing. He said "hello" in a creepy voice. I backed out into the tent and he said, "No don't leave" in his creepy voice. He walked closer to me. Suddenly something smashed him onto the ground. It looked like a wolf the size of a grizzly bear. It yelled "gooo". I looked back while I was running and I saw in his mouth - fangs.

I knew I couldn't go back in the tent or they would find me again. I ran down to a building and hid behind it.

"Hello Jackson."

"How do you know my name?"

Right before I thought they were gonna attack me building lights came on and they screeched and I made a run for it. I looked back at the tent and the vampires and the giant wolf were gone. Next I looked at the other vampires and all I saw were bats in the air. I was scared inside out.

A year later when I was going into sixth grade I went again just for the day. We went kayaking. I got a head start. I stopped for them to catch up and I saw a man suddenly. I recognized him from 2 years ago. He was one of the vampires. He smiled.

"We meet again Jackson" he said with his creepy voice. "Why did you leave? We were gonna play a
game. It was calleddd..."

"Hey" said my friend catching up to me. I looked back and he was gone. He ended up sleeping over at my house that night. He slept fine but I couldn't sleep. Then I heard a voice. "Why don't you play with me?" I looked up my eyes widened. It was the black eyed man.

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