Vampire Names and Meanings

Vampire names haven't changed much over the years, at least not in a way that differs from the way human names change year to year.

Modern day vampires have all sorts of names, just like humans.  Since vampires do not breed, vampires don't get a chance to name their children.  Thus, those who become vampires typically keep their human name.

There is a movement, though, among certain vampire clans for clan members to change their "human" names to more traditional vampire names.  These are typically Italian or Greek names (in honor of the "birthplace" of vampires, according to legend), but they also include ancestral clan names and any well known ancient vampire name.

Among vampires that choose a new name for their vampire life, the classics seem to remain the favorites.  In fact, the more ancient the better it would seem, which is why the most ancient vampire name of all, Ambrogio, is still a popular choice among male vampires to this day. 

"Ambrogio", which in Italian means "immortal", is the name of the famed Italian hunter who became the first vampire  of legend.  Some vampires, out of reverence for their maker, take the name "Ambrogio", though others refuse to take the name, opting instead for the name "Ambrogino", which translates to "little immortal one".

Similarly, for females the ancient vampire name "Selene" is very popular.  Though Selene the moon goddess was never technically a vampire, she is considered by legend to be the mother of all modern vampires, which is why this is considered an ancient vampire name of stature.

Other popular vampire names come from famous historical vampires.  It is worth noting that traditional names for males were almost always Italian while traditional names for females were almost always Greek.  This, of course, is in honor of Ambrogio and Selene, who were of Italian and Greek birth, respectively.

The following list contains the name and meaning of each ancient vampire name for males:

  • ALESSANDRO: meaning "defender of mankind." 
  • AMBROGINO: meaning "little immortal one." 
  • AMBROGIO: meaning "immortal." 
  • ARNOLDO: meaning "eagle power." 
  • BALDOVINO: meaning "brave friend." 
  • BALDASSARE: meaning "Protect the king." 
  • BERTOLDO: meaning "bright ruler." 
  • BONAVENTURA: meaning "good fortune." 
  • BONIFACIO:  meaning "good destiny."  
  • CIRINO / CIRO: meaning "like the sun." 
  • CLEMENTE: meaning "gentle and merciful." 
  • DARIO: meaning "possesses a lot." 
  • DOMENICO: meaning "belongs to the lord." 
  • EDMONDO: meaning "protector of prosperity." 
  • EDOARDO: meaning "guardian of prosperity." 
  • EGIDIO: meaning "shield of goatskin." 
  • ELIGIO: meaning "to choose." 
  • ELIODORO: meaning "gift of the sun." 
  • EMILIO: meaning "rival." 
  • ERMANNO: meaning "army man." 
  • ETTORE:  meaning "defender." 
  • FARAMUNDO: meaning "journey protection." 
  • FINO: (Serafino) meaning "burning one" or "serpent."
  • GASPARE: meaning "treasure bearer." 
  • GREGARIO: meaning "watchful." 
  • GUALTIERO: meaning "ruler of the army." 
  • LEANDRO: meaning "lion-man."  
  • MARCO: meaning "defender of the sea." 
  • MASSIMO: meaning "the greatest." 
  • NERIO: meaning "wet one." 
  • NUNZIO: meaning "announces."
  • ORAZIO: meaning "has good eyesight." 
  • ORFEO: meaning "darkness." 
  • PELLEGRINO: meaning "wanderer." 
  • PONZIO: meaning "of the sea." 
  • RAUL: meaning "wise wolf." 
  • RODOLFO: meaning "famous wolf." 
  • SANSONE: meaning "like the sun." 
  • SILVANO: meaning "from the forest." 
  • TACITO: meaning "mute, silent." 
  • UMFREDO: meaning "giant peace." 

The following list contains the name and meaning of each ancient vampire name for females:

  • ADRASTEIA: meaning "inescapable." 
  • AKANTHA: meaning "thorn." 
  • AKELDAMA: meaning "field of blood." 
  • AMBROSIA: meaning "immortal."
  • CALLIDORA: meaning "gift of beauty." 
  • DESPOINA: meaning "mistress."
  • EVA: meaning "life."
  • IEZABEL: meaning "chaste." 
  • KHARIS: meaning "charm / grace."
  • KORA: meaning "maiden." 
  • MAIA: meaning "nursing mother." 
  • NARKISSA: meaning "numbness / sleep." 
  • NATÁSA / NATASSA: meaning "resurrection." 
  • NERINE: meaning "sea sprite." 
  • POLONA: meaning "of Apollo."  
  • SELENE: meaning "moon." 
  • SEMELE: meaning "of the underworld."
  • THANA: meaning "death." 
  • THYIA: meaning "Bacchic frenzy." 
  • THYONE: meaning "inspired frenzy." 

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