The Vampire Origin Story

Ambrogio was a young adventurer.  Born and raised in Italy, he had always longed to travel to Greece to have his fortune told by the Oracle of Delphi.  When he was an adult, he got on a boat and sailed to the western edge of Greece, near Astakos.  He traveled east until he eventually reached the city of Delphi.

Delphi was home to a great temple of Apollo the sun god.  It was also the home of the Pythia, better known as the Oracles.  The Pythia would sit in a chamber within the temple and speak of prophecies, inspired by Apollo, to those who came to seek the Oracle's wisdom. 

When Ambrogio finally arrived at the temple, he went to speak to the Pythia.  The Pythia, whose words were often cryptic, said only a few words: "The curse.  The moon.  The blood will run."

He couldn't sleep that night. He stayed awake outside of the temple, pondering the meaning of the Pythia's words.  As the sun rose in the morning he realized that he had not slept.  As he walked back toward the town he saw a beautiful woman dressed in white robes walking to the temple.  He ran over to her and introduced himself.

Her name was Selene, and she was a maiden of the temple.  Her sister was the Oracle, and so Selene tended to the temple and took care of her sister while in her entranced state.

For the next few days every morning Ambrogio met Selene at dawn before she entered the temple.  They soon fell in love.