Vampire Personality

by Rupal
(Saharanpur,Uttar Pradesh, India)

What do vampires look like? Are they same as human or they have any difference related to their personality?

I assume that this question is asking what happens when a human is turned into a vampire - how does their physical appearance change and how does their personality affect this?

Most mythologies agree that vampires stay roughly the same "age" as the human who died, meaning if you were 70 years old when you were turned into a vampire you would remain 70 years old in physical form forever. Same thing if you were 5 years old. You would forever remain a child physically.

That said nearly all vampires upon transformation become what I can only describe as "the most beautiful versions of themselves". This means that a 70 year old who is turned into a vampire may still have the body of a 70 year old, but he or she would look like the most beautiful, physically fit, and healthy version of a 70 year old you could ever imagine. Upon transformation, all physical flaws are essentially erased, diseases are eliminated, muscles are strengthened, etc.

The only real differences between a vampire and a human in prime condition will be that the skin is typically more pale and cold to the touch for a vampire and one can tell a difference in the eyes.

If the eyes are the window to the soul then they are an movie screen to the soulless. This is where the difference in personality tends to take the most effect. Vampires show their intentions and emotions through their eyes on a far greater scale than humans do. This is one of the few challenges that vampires face when trying to charm a victim - they have to keep the bloodlust out of their minds or it will almost certainly show up in their eyes.

This is where personality differences seem to have the biggest effect. Not that minor personality differences will change the eyes much, but one can see certain traits through the eyes of a vampire depending on their tendency toward certain emotions or thoughts and how good they are at controlling them.

I gather from the question that there may also be a question about if personality affects the physical form otherwise. In most cases the answer is "no", though there is evidence to suggest that older vampires may have the ability to become more demonic or monstrous in form. This most likely has more to do with these creatures connection to the demonic than with age itself. Demons in general change form over time to reflect their inner state, and vampires have a much stronger connection to the demonic world than we do.


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