Vampire Poem Working?

by Brad

So I found this poem and recited it in Latin and English on a full moon while alone outside a few months back.

I did have severe weakness for a few days and felt like my canines were being pushed through my gums every time I got hungry. I felt fine in the sun, but could not sleep for a week. When I did finally sleep something really weird happened. I woke up and saw a hooded figure standing beside me. I did not panic but I was pretty spooked. It just stood there maybe observing if I was a worthy specimen. Then as I turned my head I saw legit white smoke coming from my body. We say we want to be vampires so I did not see the point in freaking out.

After that night, I felt pretty weird. I was always afraid of the dark but I now embraced it and am more comfortable in the dark and feel stronger. I'm not going to say I'm a fully transitioned vampire but something is definitely up.

As I type this there are weird sounds coming from my window. Yes, it is almost 1:30 A.M and the night is young. Please I'd like insight from anyone who is experiencing anything like this.

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