Vampire Poem

by becca !!!

So last Halloween I had my friend over and we were going to go out and trick or treat (because you're never too old for free candy!!) and she found my little print out of the ode to the vampire mother poem. I really don't know why I printed it out because I never had intention on using it I just kinda wanted to have it.

So she thinks it's cool and wants to read it later that night around midnight for fun. "This is no joking matter" I told her, but she didn't want to listen since she loves vampires and really wants to meet one.

So later that night when we are walking back home on this old dirt trail (the same one that I saw my black eyed being in my story Black Eyes Part 2) and she sits down proclaiming this was the prefect spot to do the poem.

Of course I'm nervous right there since it's night time and this is where I was followed by a BEB, but I sit down with her just the same and we read it. She read it in Latin while I read it in English. We read it three times before hearing noises and I'm super freaked out by it. She laughed and got up and we started walking back to my house again when we heard more and more noise coming from the bushes all around of us.

We both freaked out and started running. She looked back and saw the figure of a man standing a little behind where we were. She tells me to look back and I do and I see it and I was freaked!! In the next instant he was gone and we got home and locked the door and just laughed about how scared we were.

But now, months later, she is telling me how she keeps hearing strange noises outside her window every night since Halloween and she feels like she is being followed. I feel the same but I'm worried for her because I can deal with this kind of stuff but she has been a normal teenager till now and I'm scared she'll do something stupid.

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