Vampire vs Human

We know that vampires are a lot like people in some ways, but will there every be a Vampire vs Human war? I think its pretty likely because humans probable kill vampires every day. Will the vampires fight or bite back? I can imagine a bloody war with people rushing onto the battle field and vampires running at the humans with blood and human remains on them. Plz answer this question! :)

It is certainly great imagery you've offered up. A battlefield of fighting humans and vampires would be something to see, indeed. However, I have to say I think if there were ever a full-scale war between humans and vampires it probably wouldn't go down this way.

The old style of lining up and facing each other on a battlefield was, in many ways, a way to civilize the war process. A "gentleman's" way of fighting, if you will. I suppose there could be vampires who were soldiers during these times and still prefer this method of doing battle, but I would imagine that even they would realize the disadvantage this would place them in.

Vampires are by necessity creatures who live in the shadows. Stealth and cunning are necessary tools in the vampire's toolkit in order to successfully find prey and maintain their anonymity at the same time. My guess is that vampires would use these abilities to their advantage and thus would attack in more of a small-cell covert-operation style, like the U.S. Navy Seals or British S.A.S. to use two well-known examples.

Another reason for this style of attack is that vampires would be outnumbered by humans by a very large number. If properly surrounded it could be pretty easy to eliminate all vampires from a battlefield, even if it just meant holding them there until sunrise.

As for the likelihood of a Human versus Vampire war itself, I suppose it is a possibility. If either side were to kill off enough of one another to make the other side desperate or scared, you can bet there would be some kind of retaliation. Keep in mind, though, that vampires don't really want to kill off the human race. If they did that, what would they eat? More likely they would try to dominate humans through fear, but again that would be hard to do because of the sheer number of humans versus the number of vampires.

My guess is that vampires will continue to stay in the shadows, hiding their presence from humanity for the most part, unless they are, for some reason, forced to do otherwise.

An interesting thought, though.


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