Vampires DO Exist

by Laos

It was late summer, August 2010. I was walking to my friend Jamie's house when a man pulled up in a car beside me. He asked if I knew where the hospital was. He looked nervous and in a hurry. I thought maybe he had just lost a loved one, or a friend/family member was hurt. I quickly gave him directions to the nearest hospital.

After he sped off and thanked me, I felt weird inside. Sick almost. I called up my friend Jamie and told her I'd meet up with her tomorrow, I thought I'd needed the rest.

As I walked 2 blocks I finally reached my house, all was fine until I woke up the next morning. My mom always watches the news early, then I usually head off to school. But today was different. As my mom sat in the kitchen with her tea, I sat and listened to the news. The news reporters headlines were "hospital robbed of blood bags" I thought it was some kind of sick joke. I grabbed the remote and turned off the T.V. I ran upstairs to my room and flung myself on my bed. "Blood bags?" I thought. Could this have been the same strange man that was desperately trying to get to the hospital? Could he be a ..... a vampire?!

No that's impossible. No such thing. Only in the movies right?!

As my mom dropped me off at school there was this new girl my stepbrother was talking to. She seemed strange, and gave me that sick feeling that guy gave me. I met up with Jamie to go introduce ourselves to the new girl. Her name was Kate. She had jet black hair and the brownest eyes. Something didn't seem right. The way she looked at me and Jamie. How she eyed us in class pretty much all day. I tried to keep everything off my mind.

As school ended I walked down near the library to study for a big exam I was having in the next 3 weeks. As I entered the library I spotted my brother with Kate. What was he doing? They were laughing, and the way she twirled her hair, and gazed at him. It all just wasn't right. I hid behind one of the shelves and listened in on what they were saying.

"Can you turn me" is what my brother said. TURN me?! I thought. What is that supposed to mean?!

Then I heard Kate whisper "Not here... Not now"

"Not ever!" I thought to myself. I watched her leave through the library doors, and my brother followed. My heart beat faster and faster. Could it be true? I didn't know at this point. I thought it was just a myth. But this is why I want to share this story with you. It's not. Myth. Vampires are real. And one almost turned my brother.

How did I stop her? I didn't. My parents decided to move away, I was grateful, but sad to leave Jamie and all my good friends behind.

To this day I believe in vampires. You may not, but I thought it was a little too ironic that the hospital was robbed of blood bags from that strange man, and my brother was friends with some wacko who was going to turn him. You decide on the ending. -Anonymous.

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