Vanishing People and Being Psychic

by Elix
(IL, US)

My Mom and my Grandma went to a Psychic for my Grandma's birthday back in March. I felt like I had to go with, I needed to go with. But my mom said I couldn't go with, naturally I fought tooth and nail to be able to go, but in the end I stayed home.

That night I stayed at one of my friends houses. My mom never got to see me until the next morning. That night I kept hearing drums outside my friends room, no one has a drum set in her house so it frightened me. I listened to the drums as they got closer, then stopped, then they kept moving towards her parents room. I heard typing and I realized my friends keyboard was typing on its own.

I was the only one awake so as I have had to do before because this is a natural occurrence to me since I could remember, I closed my eyes and tried to make a story to entertain myself with until I could go to sleep. Yet this time I didn't go to sleep. Someone was talking to me inside of my head. I eventually fell asleep listening to them.

The next morning when my sister came to pick me up she said my mom had something to tell me and I was very nervous. When I got home my mom asked me if I heard/seen things that aren't really there and I told her yes that I hear that all the time. My mom said the Psychic told my mom about me when I was a toddler and the Psychic said that I had the "Gift".

This weekend I was at a relay for life, I've embraced what the Psychic told my mom and I've tried to extended my powers with great results. We left the relay for life and on the way home stopped to get a shake. The place was packed it was 2 am, this was a small town with no reason for people to be out this late. After that we had to get gas but all of the diesel pumps were glitching out so my friend and I went to talk to the attendant but no one was there. The lot was full with cars but no one was at this station, the office was empty and the security cameras were still filming, but the tv that showed the recording was flashing and everything it showed was going crazy. My friend had to go to the bathroom so I went with her. The bathroom was in a terrible condition one of the stalls was smashed and there was a loud noise that it hurt to hear. We washed our hands and then left, still the attendant was nowhere to be found, no one was in the store.

These two guys walked in and grabbed a few things and walked up behind us to the front desk. We got out of line and left to look around. We checked the back room and it was completely dark. There was a sign that said payphones. For some reason I felt like I should go check and see if there was a dial tone. I have a cell phone but I felt like I had to just check. We were trying to find the phones but there was no payphones just a dark room with a bunch of tools in it, I didn't like the air of the place so we walked back to the front desk. My friends mom walked into the store and the cashier suddenly appeared from thin air practically. My friend and I knew no one was behind the desk because we checked everywhere.

We calmly walked back out to the truck, but we both looked at the girl. Her ice blue eyes felt like they seared right through me. In the truck we talked about it all the way home. I always carry certain gems to help with my psychic abilities and when this girl looked at me my pocket that was full with gems started to heat up. When everyone left from inside of the store I saw the girl walk straight through the desk. There was no way she could've walked out beside from a door that lead to the back room.

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