The Demon Vassago

Rank: Prince
Legions: 26
Strongest: End of March / Beginning of April
Demon Summoning: Daytime, light blue candles, gold, fire, leek (plant)

Though a high-ranking Prince, Vassago is primarily known as a very friendly spirit who is very helpful to those who summon him. He is sometimes called the "Prince of Prophecy" because of his ability to see into the past and future as well as find lost and hidden things.

Many demons have the same abilities as Vassago, but he seems to be better known than the others for his ability to see or know things, particularly the future. It is possible that Vassago is simply better at seeing details of the future than other demons, but it is also possible that the Prince of Prophecy is named such because he is willing to explain his visions in great detail.

Vassago is a mysterious character. Though always willing to help a (respectful) summoner, little is known about his appearance. From what I can gather from the experiences of others it appears that this Prince of Demons is something of a shapeshifter. Most demons have at least two forms - one human and one demonic - but Vassago seems to have many more including that of a large red dragon, and one that appears just like one of the extraterrestrial beings known as "the Grays". Sometimes this prankster even appears in the form of other demons, most notably in the demonic form of Agares - an old man riding a crocodile. What his true form is remains unknown.

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