The Demon Vepar

aka: Separ, Vephar
Rank: Duchess
Legions: 29
Strongest: Mid-Later October
Demon Summoning: Nighttime, black candles, open air, mugwort (plant), mercury (metal)

Duchess Vepar (also known as Vephar and Separ, but not to be confused with fellow demon Zepar) is a maritime demoness who is primarily concerned with ships built for battle. At her will she can guide battleships safely home or can cause them to become hopelessly lost. Like fellow demon Focalor she can command the winds and the sea, creating furious storms and terrible weather. If she so chooses, Vepar can also make ghost ships appear and disappear at her command. One minute a ship could be alone at sea and suddenly a fleet of mysterious ships could appear on the horizon, or disappear just as easily.

Vepar can also help a person to levitate, particularly over water, and can cause serious disease, particularly to men at sea. Those afflicted by her pestilence have approximately three days before they die. During that time their insides fester and become infested with worms and maggots which slowly eat them alive from the inside out.

Appropriately, Vepar takes the very recognizable form of a mermaid. In human form, she appears (equally appropriately) as a warrior woman. Despite her fierce reputation and passion for sea battle, Vepar is said to be quite affable, warm, and approachable. She remains calm, relaxed, and focused whether in or out of battle.

Those who wish to summon Vepar should do so at night, preferably in the open air. They should also burn black candles and carry the demoness's signature plant, mugwort, which is also known by the slang term "sailor's tobacco". It is also used in occult magic as a protective herb.

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