Vivid Dreaming or Foggy Reality

by Doesn't matter
(Boston, mass. U.s)

I was dating this guy, Al. This was 1984. We had broken up because of a dumb fight and I ran off with his best friend. (Yes I know, messed up). After I broke up with Al, I continued seeing Ron. We were engaged and I lived alone in a big building that was built in the 1400s that was subdivided into apartments. This house was in a small neighborhood, and it was very safe. I'd sleep with the doors and windows open or unlocked.

So one night, I may or may not left my doors unlocked, I had a really strange, vivid dream. I had a dream that Al was driving around with me and talking to me and telling me that Ron and I would have a kid, and he'd become a drunk and hurt me, and my marriage would end bad. I remember he had a corona light beer that he was drinking and he's telling me all this stuff and I could hear everything, but I couldn't respond. So then he says okay I'm gunna bring you back to your room and you won't remember any of this and he walked me to my room and I just remember waking up in the morning feeling weirded out.

So I'm leaving for work the same morning and I step out the front door and to my surprise, there's a corona light beer can on the door step that had maybe a drop left. I just stood there scared and I couldn't believe it, so I picked it up and it was for real. That encounter stuck with me and everything Al said would happen to me, actually happened.

I don't know if he actually was there or if it was just a warning from my own mind or what. To this day, I don't know and never will know.

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