Walking Shadows

by susie

When I was little I could see shadows walking around, but they weren't shaped and they seemed to have a swirling darkness inside them. The first time I knew I wasn't delusional was when I was babysitting my cousins.

It was near 12 and I'd let them stay up late. When I got them settled in bed I walked over to the other side to my aunt's room to change into my PJs. As I went to go down the stairs someone stopped me in my tracks - there was a shadow of a man standing at the bottom of the stairs. Although I was at the top I knew that if we were face to face he would tower over me by a good head.

Now I got to try and say this without getting confused, is that you got the outline of the man, but the inside was like a swirling black if that makes any sense, it could be that it was my first proper time seeing it like that (before I would only get feelings or when you see them out of the corner of your eye) but facing him straight on had scared me stiff. But next minute he wasn't there.

I had run down the stairs and called my nan, who came over, my nan's nan had been a tea leaf reader and apparently had a psychic trait if that means anything, but after that spirits just seem to make themselves known. I have a spirit that guards my room, he's quite funny actually, he has curly blonde hair, his clothes are sort of rags from old time. We saw him a few years ago, my nan had seen him first in a costume shop and when she told the lady she said that there was a spirit there and the shop had been an old blacksmith. After a few weeks I knew he had followed us home. He jumps on the end of the bed when my mum or nan has to sleep in there (and me on the couch!) and I find it hilarious when they say he's been bouncing again.

Later on when I went to a psychic she could actually sense him and that he means no harm, and when I was up the stables mucking out, I saw him walk past the window. Now the stables face the field and no public footpaths so no one should have come up there, well I saw someone walk past the window and as I waited for him to appear over the stable door, no one did. I walked around checking for someone but couldn't find anybody.

Later on (not telling anyone about the window) my nan went in and said she saw someone but they disappeared before they reached the door as well, but I don't worry anymore. The only thing now is that if I go to read in bed, and I'm not sure if it's him or not, but although I don't hear anything, it feels like someone's telling me it's time to go to bed, you know? And recently I've been recording my nights as my nan said sometime ago and she has heard it since that I talk to someone in my sleep and then someone talks back, although it's only me, nan and grandad who live in the house. We have heard things on the recorder like footsteps and voices which is a bit spooky, but again I'm not worried, I mean, I'm asleep so its not like I remember anything about it...

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