Was It A Dream?

by Fernie

Alright. I haven't had that many experiences with "the other side," but this is one of the only experiences I've had.

One day I was asleep, but I woke up; I ordinarily wake up at night, I'm a light sleeper. Anyways, when I woke up, I swear I saw a shadow over me.

Once I saw the shadow, I naturally tried getting up to investigate what was over. I soon realized that I could not get up. I was paralyzed. Even with using every single bit of my strength, I couldn't move. I screamed my lungs out, crying for my mother, but absolutley nothing came out. I fell back to the only thing I felt that could save me, religion.

I began trying to say "Jesus Christ" aloud, but nothing came out. Then I began saying in my head, "God, please save me." I have no idea how long I did this, but it must have be a minute or two. As I kept doing this, I began to regain my power to move. For some reason, I felt that pain would snap me out of what was happening, so I used everything I had to move my head toward my shoulder, and believe me, this was no easy task. Imagine someone holding your head down, that's how it felt.

I finally got to my shoulder and I bit as hard as I could. I kept asking for God's help in my head. More and more of my strength came back to me. I was able to lift my sheets off of me, and I stumbled outside my room. The last thing I remember is making it to my kitchen feeling exhausted. I leaned over on a chair and that's it.

The next morning, I thought it was all just a dream. I jumped into the shower, and as I jumped in, I felt a sting on my shoulder. I looked and I discovered a really bad bite mark. What happened?!

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