Watched By Unseen Eyes

by louisa celeste strutt
(fife, scotland)

Well it happened one late June's night last year, when I was alone in my bedroom. The rest of my family was downstairs watching TV and I was just sitting on my bed with a laptop.

Suddenly I heard, "screeeeech!" It was coming from the closet. To be honest that really took me by surprise, but I didn't want to think anything of it so I resolved it must be my cat playing or something.

I ignored it, but it only got worse and worse, screeching loudly and repetitively, as if someone or something were holding onto the metal hangers and dragging them across the pole they were hanging on. I simply stared at the cupboard door, not knowing what the hell I was hearing.

Strangely I found myself walking slowly towards it, I slid the door open; hoping I'd find my cat playing with the clothes. But no, nothing. In fact I tried to replicate the sound, but it took both my arms to be able to push the hangers with enough force to make the screeching sounds. (The cupboard was extremely full.) Puzzled, I returned to my bed, the noises had stopped... or so I thought, for not a minute later they began again even louder than before.

I. Was. Terrified.

In fact it was so bad that I was playing music and trying to drown it out, thinking maybe it'll just go away. Then just as suddenly as it had began it stopped. I lifted my eyes to the mirrored cupboard door, feeling as though something was terribly wrong. I began to hear different noises which I immediately realized sounded just like long flowing fabric; followed by dragging chains. Although I have always believed in the paranormal I never thought something would happen to little me! :O

These noises moved across my bedroom; from the cupboard at the far corner, past the end of my bed, over to the opposite end of the room were my sister's bed was.

Then the strangest thing happened. I heard it/him sit down and I could hear deep, masculine breathing. I simply sat there on my bed not more them 2 meters from him, just staring at were I thought his face should be, and what creeped me out even more is that I could tell he was staring back at me, only I couldn't see him.

Now I'm not an emotional person, but I was swept over with fear, disbelief and dread. I felt so vulnerable, I tried to call for someone, but found no words in my throat. All I could manage was a pitiful croak. Tears filled my eyes and I distinctly heard a deep "sigh", almost as if he was like 'Great, now she's crying!' But I couldn't help it. I was only 13 at the time and this was my first vivid paranormal experience.

Suddenly I had a burst of adrenaline and darted out the door, down the stairs, and into the living room, however I couldn't find it in myself to tell anyone.

Since then I have experienced many strange things which I believe "he" is responsible for, and perhaps I will write about that later if anyone wants to hear more. I understand this may well sound unbelievably to you, but it truly happened, and I would very much like your input, thanks :)

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