We Can Help!!!

by Minister James Ramsey
(Murfreesboro,Tennessee, USA)

We are a group called: "Murfreesboro Paranormal Research Team"... I'm Minister James Ramsey/Lead Investigator... I work with a few investigators, a medium, a sensitive... We are always looking for new strange and unusual paranormal cases to investigate... I've been dealing with the paranormal for 22 years and have studied it for 30 years... I've been all over the world and have seen and heard things that would seem impossible...and unbelievable...

Anyone who may need our help with something paranormal, unbelievable ,or strange you can email us at: mboroparanormalresearchteam@gmail.com

We will go over your case and get back to you... please leave your full name, address, phone, email where you can be reached, and a full statement of whats going on and what you need help with... we will need all the information you can give us...

We are based in Murfreesboro,Tennessee... our address is:
p.o.box 332507 Murfreesboro,tenn.37133

Lead Investigator/Minister James Ramsey

Thank You!!!!

Don't worry about someone believing you or sounding crazy... We take the paranormal very seriously and we are very professional...We will never give out your name or any information without your approval...Most people don't want others to find out...Everything will be very private...we're waiting to hear from you!!!
Remember, We can help you!!!!

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