Weird Connection?

by Pantera

I was messaging a close friend of mine just last night, when he told me something I think I need an opinion on. He told me about an experience he has had every night for the past couple nights, after every time we stop texting so he can go to sleep.

I told him I was having trouble sleeping lately, for no real reason, and I haven't dreamed since I had trouble sleeping. He told me he's been passing out, and having a weird hallucination. When I asked what happens, he responds with, "If I put my phone down after sending a text to you, I close my eyes, and when I open them, everything feels fuzzy and dazed. I see my phone on my chest, and I hear a demonic voice whisper 'Pantera' (which is my name) and I look at my phone and see a picture of you, and I black out."

He says he puts his phone on the floor so he has no idea how it ends up on his chest, and nothing feels real at all. I asked him if he felt afraid or anything, and he replies with, "I don't feel a thing, it's just an overwhelming power over me." Also, he blacks out for six hours, but thankfully wakes up in the same place he blacks out.

I have never heard of this before, or why this thing is saying my name. He says it all happens too fast for him to tell it to go away. I would really love to know what this is. A friend said it could be some kind of strong connection between us. What do you think?

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