Weird Dream

by Anthony
(New Jersey.)

When I was about 11 or 10(I'm currently 14) me and my friend had a dream almost similar to each other's.

We were talking over yahoo. I was day dreaming and I snoozed for a few minutes and had a dream of standing on top of a mountain or cliffside. I was covered in blood and cornered by some type of demon (was a shadow) and hell hounds. Below the cliff I saw a village burning, filled with bloodshed and demons. I turned to the hell hounds catching my breath, exhausted from something that wasn't in the dream.

I knew no matter what I did I would die, so I screamed and yelled at the demon and the hounds. As they came closer the sky filled with red clouds. When they got as close as possible the edge of the cliff broke off, plummeting me to the village. As I fell to my death the demons in the village watched me. Right as I hit the ground I woke up and messaged my friend apologizing for going silent.

About 5 minutes later he says "dude I had the weirdest dream" so I ask what he had a dream about. He said he was on a cliff in a corner just like I was. He said he saw two villages of some sort; one below his mountain with another in the distance near another cliff. It happened a few years ago so I forgot if he fell, but he said there were hell hounds, a demon he could not see properly, and blood red skies.

We've always wondered if anyone else had happened to have this dream. If any of you guys have, please tell me. And please don't make crap up because I am being honest right now. We've (or at least I) have not had this dream since then.

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