Weird Force ?

Alright this is another one of my dreams. I still remember I just forgot to mention it in my other story.

I remember it was when I was about 5 because I was walking. We had a rather small hallway in our base housing. I walked through, then out of nowhere some resistance started slowing me down. When I tried to move I had to push really hard and it was frustrating because no matter how hard I pushed I went slower than a slug overall. I then heard this heavy breathing behind me, like a bull or moose. That's all I remember, but I remember it as if it was real.

I've had another one I remember clearly. I started walking from my room to the living room where my parents would be (it was daylight) and when I checked no one was there. I checked their room and they weren't there either, like they just disappeared. That was when the heavy breathing came back. That's all I remember.

So now is this a dream demon or something? Because if it is I wanna know why it lost interest in me all of a sudden. Like I said, I remember these dreams as if they happened yesterday and were real. I'm now 14.


Because I know in my heart it was something haunting me.

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