Weird Scary Dreams

by Nativity
(New Jersey)

Well I get very strange dreams that are scary and feel so real. When I wake up from them I'm super hot or sweating cold sweat. Let me explain a few the most I can remember...

1. This dream I'm in like this party. There’s a lot of people having fun, dancing, etc. I get thirsty so I open this fridge or something like it and when I close it I break a finger. I start bleeding and bleeding and everyone in the party looks at me, but they change and look weird super scary smiling very wickedly. All of a sudden I hear horse hoofs and I look and guess who was there riding that horse? Death himself. He went up to me and grabbed me. Let me tell you when he grabbed me I felt his cold hands. When I looked in those two holes of his eyes I felt horrible. It was soooo horrible. I kicked and screamed to let me go, that I wasn’t dead, but he didn’t let go and didn’t listen to me. He just looked at me and kept taking me in his arms so cold. I woke up super cold. That day I thought I was going to die. My mother had to take me to the hospital that night.

2. This dream was super confusing and scary. I was in this car with people I don’t know. They took me and this other very pretty girl to a palace. It was very beautiful inside, but the people in there was horrible. The only two very human-like persons there were me and the other very pretty girl. Everyone else in this palace had horns, demonic eyes or demonic bodies, but yet they looked human. They took the pretty girl away, but she was crying she didn’t want to go with them. One very pale man took my arm and told me “You are for the master." I didn’t know what that meant but I didn’t want to go. He took me to a room and put a chain on my neck. Like you would on a dog. Then the master came out. A very tall man with pale white skin, silky jet long black hair, his eyes hypnotized when you looked directly at them, and he had two very long horns coming out of his forehead. I got super scared and tried to escape, but he had the chains in his hand and didn’t let me go. He told me “You're finally mine” and started lapping. I woke up almost in a heart attack.

3. I was with a guy. In the dream he was my friend. We were hidden in a house, hiding from a crow on the window. We didn’t want the crow to see us. The crow left the window. So me and the guy left the house very carefully. Outside was dark and super crowded with crows. On every tree, everywhere there was a crow. On the distance there was a very tall man surrounded by crows. The leader of the crows for the crows did everything that man said to make the long dream short. Me and my guy friend in the dream were face to face the crow leader. The crow leader was a very tall, pale white, long silky jet black haired man with jet black eyes. The crow leader told me something in a language I don't understand but in the dream I did. I got very mad. My guy friend in the dream tried to stop me but I slapped the crow leader on the face. Guess I had long nails cause his cheek was bleeding. The crow leader was so mad he got my leg and broke it with his bare hand, as if my leg was a pencil. It hurt so much I was crying it felt so real. I woke up with a pain on my leg it was so horrible. My leg hurt so much even after I woke up I was crying hysterically.

4. Last dream I will write. This one really scared me too much. I was walking minding my own business until I see a park I've never seen before. It caught my eye so I went to the park. I entered and since the moment I went in I was having fun. Cute guys everywhere, people joking around talking to you. A very cool place I didn’t want to leave. It was a very huge park like another world altogether. In the park there was a building and two girls that I became friends with there liked in that building. One told me that if I wanted to live there I could live with them. I said "Okay, let me see your apartment." We went to the apartment. There were other girls living there. And they all were so cool and nice super friendly, treated me awesome etc. It was getting late and I wanted to leave. One of the girls I first met, the one I got along with the most, said I couldn’t leave. I asked why I couldn’t. She said no one can leave, you must stay here for ever. I was shocked. I opened the door and when I opened the door I was in the most horrible place. Well like they would describe Hell. I closed the door and started screaming and crying asking the girl why she did this. She said she didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t leave ever, I belonged to him, what ever that meant. I started crying and praying to God to help me. I missed my mom all I thought about was my mom and wept, I don’t know for how long. Then there was a knock on the door and the girl that I got along with the most opened it. It was a woman dressed in white holding a white candle. The woman with the candle said “Nativity, come you don’t belong here” I got happy and went to the woman. But I felt sorry for the girl I got along with the most and told her to come with me. She told me she couldn’t that it was only me who could leave with the lady. She just stayed there crying and telling me good luck smiling and closed the door. The woman took my hand and we went fast down lots of stairs, lots of stairs. Up til we got to a dark place where you saw nothing but the candle the woman held. There the woman told me “Nativity the only way to leave this place is fighting him. I cannot help you with this. This you must do alone. If you win you leave if you don’t I'm sorry.” I was like “WHAT? FIGHT WHO? I SUCK AT FIGHTING! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HELP ME!" But she left me alone. I heard ugly noises and then he came out. A huge man like thing with two horns coming out of his forehead the scariest shit I've seen, ever. He was right there in front of me. It was super hot now I was burning. Scared, burning, thinking how the heck I was going to fight this guy. The only solution I had was to have faith and pray. Really that’s all I thought so I closed my eyes and kneeled and started asking God for help. It was horrible cause I was burning. Hearing the ugly noises that thing did and felt him near. All of a sudden I fell and kept falling down. I was happy cause I won I thought, but no I was falling down and I felt like I was burning and I started crying and saying "No, I cant lose. I cant stay in Hell forever. I'm going to burn in hell. I stopped falling. I woke up I was on my bed sweating, trembling, scared as heck, burning, but I was alive in my room. I was so happy I was in my room and not in Hell. Oh and I thanked God so very much for sending that woman to help me even though It was a dream.

Can someone explain to me why I always dream with the same man? Even though he didn’t come out in the last dream I wrote that scared me too much. But he always comes out in so many of my dreams since I was little. Isn’t that weird? Pale white, very tall, skinny, young, silky jet black hair, hypnotizing eyes, and I don’t want to admit but a very beautiful man. What does it mean?

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