Weirded Out

by Anonymous

Well at first it seemed normal. But I don't think it was. I have a strong religious background and it is how I'm being brought up. Well the thing is there is a certain thing happening and I don't exactly know why.

I'll start from an incident that has occurred.
I was five when my grandma died and I was really close to her. In my religion we have a thirteen day burial and prayer period in which it is believed that the dead one's soul visits the earth. However during the period I refused to enter the bathroom or the bedroom without somebody with me.

I remember seeing an outline of a person there and it really freaked me out. I never went anywhere alone. During the period, I remember I couldn't enter any religious place without feeling extreme pain in my left shoulder and I felt incredibly sick whenever I was near something religious. I would shake and sweat like mad.

One night my mother woke up screaming because she said she had seen my grandmother talking to her. I knew something was happening because I was awake reading a book and I remember feeling a strange presence nearby. I didn't know what to do.

I have never been able to enter jails, cemeteries or burial grounds without feeling claustrophobic and actually feeling the sadness, pain and the people or souls there. I remember my parents taking me to visit a jail once and I ended up in pain, swollen, and I fainted with the amount of negativity there. I remember feeling a little dizzy and something push me out of the house as I went to enter it after the visits. On the third try I could enter.

I can feel the energy flow of people and it really unnerves me because I sometimes see faces in the dark when I wake up in the night. I don't know why and I am confused.

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