Werewolf Sighting!

by Anna Aldridge
(San Diego, CA)

I'm a kid. I know most people won't believe me. But I'm going to tell a story that is TRUE. In fact, it was horrifying! I believe in ghosts, demons, aliens, and UFO's. I've even seen a ghost in a museum in old town in San Diego, California. It's the #1 most haunted place in California. Old Town might even be the most haunted place in America.

Anyways, I've heard about the legends of werewolves. I did not believe in this hairy man dog until one night by my apartment.

I came back from a family dinner and I walked up the stairs of my building ahead of my relatives. The door was locked and I had to wait for my dad to come up the stairs to unlock the door. But all of a sudden, I heard a weird howl. I thought that was a coyote, because there are coyotes in San Diego. But I was WRONG. Moments later, I saw a hairy creature with pointy ears run across the street. He or it looked like a man that was at least 8 feet tall. The face looked dog-like. I nearly fainted. I saw the "animal" for a minute or two, and then he ran behind the buildings.

I heard the footsteps of my dad. He was visible after a few steps. My 5 year old sister was walking behind my dad, followed by my mom.
"Did you hear that howl a few minutes ago," I said to my mom. She replied," Yes, but that was just a coyote off in the distance."

I threw myself into bed, thinking about that creature. Whenever I see paranormal things, I usually go into denial about what I saw. But the very next morning I always say, "Seeing is believing."

My friend believes in paranormal things too. I told her about what happened that night, and of course, she believed me. Then I was told to study about werewolves. Even if she didn't tell me to research werewolves, I would do it anyways. After school, I finished my homework. Then I started to study werewolves. I found this website and now I'm telling you my story. The rest is is in the future.

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