What Am I?

by SnowStorm
(South Africa)

Oky Where to start.....
I want to know what I am.....If I am something other than human?

My skin....
My skin is very pale. My friends always say how I look like a ghost. I burn bad in the sun so I can't go and have a tan.

My eyes.....
My eyes colour is a mixture of light green and light blue.
When ever I am really angry they get a dark blue.

My body....
I'm 1.72m (5.64 feet) tall and I weigh between 64kg (141 pounds)

I get angry really fast. My eyes change colour to a dark crystal blue and I lose it completely and have the strength of a man doing body building.

Animals react around me like they understand exactly what I am telling them. Everybody knows the attitude of a cat. It's like they just don't care about anything just as long as you feed them and they sleep the whole day. My cats listen to me. They answer me when I call them and even when I talk to them. It's a different sound to every thing I say to them.
Some dogs as well.

I hate swimming coz the waters always too cold no matter the temperature outside...
I hate going to the sea. Just hate everything there. The salt in the water burns my skin.

I hate waking up in the morning and have almost no energy during the day but as soon as the sun set its like I got a energy boost. I love the night time..

I thought I might have been a vampire but it can't be coz I hate blood; HATE it.

Please I know there must be something more to me
WHAT AM I?......

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