What Am I?

by Storm
(New Orleans)

It was SuperBowl Sunday and my friends and I were watching the game. Another male friend came over about an hour after the game started, and when I looked up he had this glowing light around him.

Not only was he lit up, but he also had a halo & wings. I had to wipe my eyes a few times just to be sure that I wasn't losing it. I asked everyone did they witness the same thing that I had. They said no he looks normal to me, so I brushed it off. The next day I get a phone call saying that my friend was shot six times and died at the scene.

Another experience happened just last month: I was at work on my lunch break when a male friend stopped by and talked with me for a few minutes. After the conversation he got up to leave and a strange feeling came over me. On my way back to work I saw him again, but this time he had a dark shadow surrounding him. I asked the person nearest to me did they see it also, but they said I was going crazy so I brushed it off. Two weeks later he was killed.

**Last week my Mom's picture fell off of the wall and I couldn't stop staring at it. The more I stared the more short-winded I became. I called my Mom to see if everything was okay, but she was being rushed to the hospital because of a lung infection and she could barely breathe. She's still alive as of today, but I'm getting that feeling that she won't be here too much longer.

**Can someone please help me or give me some insight as to what this means...why am I experiencing this?***

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