What Am I?

by Emma

My mom has told me stories about me as a toddler knowing things I shouldn’t. As I have gotten older it seems to be getting worse. (I’m 24 with a kiddo of my own.)

Anywho, recent events have made me really start to wonder what am I. We had a neighbor living next to us. He seemed the typical “all American” family man. I watched him play outside with his two boys tossing the football etc. A week after they moved in we went and introduced ourselves.

I shook his hand and these warning bells and a cold chill went screaming through my body. I didn’t like him nor trust him. He hadn't done anything to indicate I couldn't. I just "knew" he wasn't a good person.

A year went by and behold police show up to his house and arrest him. He had been molesting kids.

Another man my husband has known since he was a kid. Was best friends with his son since they were 12. I meet this man before my previous stated encounter and same thing. It just came out he was raping his daughter.

I had these 'weird feelings' as a teen about people and just avoided them but now as an adult they are so much more stronger.

When I was 15 we moved into a mobile home and one of the rooms I walked in and knew instantly someone had died. I didn't get an evil feeling just a confused one. I told my mom and she brushed it off...

Until my three year old brother would wake up every night at 2:00am looking at his closet door bawling at the top of his lungs. A month later my mom inquired the neighbor about the previous owners.

She informed my mom that a husband and wife lived there with the husbands elderly mom who had dementia. She would sometimes wake up at 1:30am shower and then get dressed for the day.

She died of old age in that room. My mom stopped questioning my feelings and believes now I have an ability to read people and places.

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