What Are They Trying To Say?

by Andy

Okay so it all started when I was 8 years old, everyday after school, after my grandpa would pick me up, I would always play in my garden at my house. My house was the last one in the block, behind it were mountains, after my garden of course. Yet, some days I felt like if this big shadow was watching me. I actually saw one out of the corner of my eye by my peach tree.

I remember on that same weekend everyone in my community took a trip to the mountains (it was a tradition to go there and appreciate the mountains each year). That year my family didn't go though, and we decided just to stay home and have my cousins over. I remember a big car passed by that day... carrying what I believe.. can't really remember I think it was a body bag though.

He came and knocked on our door, he exclaimed to be a sir by the name of Marcos, father of a good friend of mine. He seemed sad... with a gloomy expression he said, "Everyone that went to the trip is dead... something mysterious killed them, out of all the 25 people, 9 have been found ripped in half, 6 people without a head, and the rest lost, not known of." Marcos began to cry... he said he found his daughter without her arms, and his wife was one of the one's lost without no trace. The last things I remember was our village quiet for about 2 years, and investigation nonstop in the woods, search parties everywhere.

Yet, people started rumoring about this big wolf-like creature they would see, usually seen by a river. I remember when I was around 11... I would hear movement and the sound of something moving in the shrubs in my garden.

One week before my birthday my grandpa dies, and that's when everything started... I would have nightmares of my grandpa killing my mom, and that I was one of the victims in the bus accident in the mountains... One day I had enough, after my mom nor my dad not believing me, and I decided to start looking for answers myself - online, books, and much more, but nothing seemed to help me.

One day, I was playing soccer outside, and my ball went over to the garden and I couldn't see it anywhere. When I found it I heard something say "Help me." I quickly ran outside, and told my mom, she said it was late and that I should just get sleep.

That exact night I couldn't go to sleep. The clock was about to strike 4 am, when I finally went to sleep, I saw this man in my dream. I still felt conscious though... the man had a blindfold on, he seemed young... and had a big katana-like sword in his back. He was wearing a red torn outfit. He made me float in the air. I saw many objects around me float as well... I felt like screaming, waking up. But I couldn't...

The man finally spoke "Are you Kevin's grandson?" (Kevin was my grandpa's name). I stayed silent. I didn't utter a word. He said "Why stay quiet... I know it's you... you can't hide anything. Speak, this is an important matter son. Your grandpa was one of our last 'guardians' to defend of the evil found in these mountains, we now come to you."

I finally decide to talk, "Why me? I am barely 11 years old sir, what can I do?"

He shouts, "You know what, fine forget it!!! Let your life come to an end at any given point..."

My dream ended. I woke up sweating. I remember seeing a wolf-like creature before leaving my "dream". Nothing happened. I lived a normal life... until I was 16.

I went with my dad to go pick up some corn from our cornfield. When we got there I got a sudden headache, and decided to go drink from a river nearby, unfortunately the river where I was heading to, was the one were the wolf-like creature has always been spotted... I took a shovel just in case. As I drank water, I heard a branch fall behind me... as I turned around quickly... a figure about 6'4 tall, and was a wolf on two legs, there was a chain around his chest, with a big hammer in his hand.. he said with a deep voice, "Don't panic I am good. I did not kill all those people from your village 8 years back, it is something worse..."

Now, I know by now most people think this is bullshit or fake, but I am saying what I encountered I know there is someone out there who will actually help me... but anyways... I was calling my dad, screaming, the wolf kept telling me to quiet down, as he heard my dad come he said, "Look there are these demons and a big roach-like creature trying to come after you. Don't be scared just say "Under the big man's protection, I shall not cause destruction, and learn how to fight it." He dashed quickly away as my dad came running for me, and I said everything that happened, but he thought it was my headache.

The most scariest thing has just happened recently, I am now 18. I moved to Missouri now, yet I know those demons are after me. I always see them, especially the roach-like creature, and I always see them out my school window and my garden. I always say the prayer the creature tells me and I know he is protecting me.

Now, I come today to this website, explaining my problem... each day it is worse. Just recently I woke up at midnight with the roach-like creature staring down at me... but he disappears right away. Please help me people... I need expert help, and thank you everyone, god bless everyone.


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