What Did I See?

by mona

I cared for my beloved mother-in-law in her last days. She confided so much in me. We were very best friends. It always was as if I really was her real daughter not married into the family.

In the two weeks before her death strange things were happening. First she vividly dreamed of her late husband. They had been fighting when they spoke their last words to one another, before he was killed after work in a car accident. They forgave each other in her dream and kissed and were in each other's arms as if it was real. She told me this the next day and looked like a young bride as she lovingly told me they made love. Not scary right?

Next, it was a voice waking me as I slept on the couch to be near her room in case she needed me at anytime. I had chronic insomnia. So every minute of sleep was precious to me. I heard a woman say my name loud enough to awake me. I answered 'what' thinking it was my dear mom's voice. She was using the portapotty provided by hospice by her bedside. I raised up as I spoke and saw her and she said I didn't call you. I told her I heard her call me in my sleep. Later as she was going to bed she confided to me and said I heard a woman call my name also today at naptime.

One night she called into her room and asked me to lay down on her pillow. She kept hearing beautiful music when she laid her head down. By the time I left her room I had looked under the bed at her insistence looking for a radio, in the closet, and under her pillow. Finding nothing I stood in her doorway and asked do you still hear it, and she whispered yes. I stood there and prayed, Jesus I know you are excited about her arrival in heaven and preparing a party to welcome her, but please tone it down a little because you are scaring her!

The next day was a warm clear October morning. We were having worship watching church services on TV because she was unable to attend. She always wanted me to open her front door and let the light in. I did and was around the island from her as she was in the living room in her beautiful trailer. She said my name and I turned around. In the doorway was a floating white oblong square like a white cinder block. I walked over to the door and ran my hand through it. It went through. As my hand passed through it moved of its own back through the door and was gone. I opened the door and there was no wind at all and around 75 degrees out!! I shut the doors and went back to making some coffee.

After about 10 minutes I walked over and reopened the door. I was getting me another cup of coffee as she said my name and look. I looked up from the sink and saw the same thing floating around chest area coming back in. This time it moved away whenever I tried to touch it. It had no chance in temperature or feeling of weight. I moved away and it moved by her side and then morphed into a humanoid shape right beside her!

I glanced over and she was ignoring it and breathing calmly and watching the TV. I almost ran out the back door and left an invalid woman alone!!! I continued hyperventilating and watching her reactions. She totally ignored it. It slowly dissipated!!! Her home has mirrored walls and that night I was terrified after she went asleep!! I did not want to see anything!!! It came to me around 10 that would I be afraid if it was her sister who had passed on and I loved. I thought no but don't want to see it!! 8 days later she went to heaven!! I was told by my pastor that I had had the privilege to see a part of heaven!! Did I??

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