What Is Going On?

by thestoryofthepuzzles

Ok... I cant explain how glad I am to stumble upon this site. I really need help.

I am 22 years old right now. And I am a well educated person, so I am not believing in all this by choice. I have no idea where the hell did all this start, but I am gonna tell you about the things I have known all my life.

1. My dad was visited by a 'baital' its a entitu that lives on trees and are really tall - about 20 feet or so - have a single tail which looks like a deformed leg and chase you by swimming through air (no wings). It is an Indian entity, so I hope Indians here know.

2. I have been seeing ghosts, witches, demons, vampires...ghouls (the whole supernatural package) my whole life. I have cried and have fought with them (I can ward them off). Trust me it's not a gift... I hate this.

3. My grandmother just disappeared into thin air when I was 7 years old. I mean she was standing right there and she just vanished. My brother, my mother, and I all saw it... if it hadn't been for my mother seeing it too... I wouldn't have believed it.

4. Within an hour of her disappearance my dad got calls from at least 6 of our relatives who lived in towns that are at least days away from our place telling him that my granny had just visited them. The reason they called is because she seemed really pale and was in a rush.

5. My dad warned me and my brother to stay away from all this... and again it's not my choice to be like this.

Can anybody explain what the fuck is going on?
I seriously need to know.

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