What Is My Friend?

by Kathrine
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

I have a friend that lives in my flat. Her name is Michelle and she is 5th grade. She studies in my school.

Month ago, we barely knew each other, but we got closer. I don't know how it happened. I know her from years, but usually when we see each other, we say "Hello" and nothing more. On the third day, after we got closer, she said that I'm one of her best friends and she invited me over. I politely rejected, of course.

She has short, straight blonde hair (almost white), normal skin (white and just a little pale) and dark blue eyes. Her height and weight are normal.

I feel strange around her, my friends, too. I don't know what to say when I'm with her. She asks me weird questions, like "Tell me the people you feel most comfortable with" (I didn't answered this, she asked me in the chat). She asks me questions that are totally none of her business.

My friends feel frightened around her. They tell me she is out of her mind and she acts weird. Her voice, her look on her face... One friend told me that Michelle looks like a ghost from the past.

Is this her normal way to behave or is there really something wrong with her?

(I apologise if there are some mistakes, my English isn't very good.)

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