What Is Wrong With Me?

by Kayla
(Pennsylvania )

For as long as I can remember I have had experiences with the paranormal. When I was a child, I had this "imaginary friend" and I don't remember it for I was too young. I called it Tommy and he stuck by my side until I moved from this house. My grandmother to this day tells me that he was a spirit. Why? Because one time I had told her Tommy had brought his dog named shadow that was all black with a white patch. It turns out that I had described my grandmothers childhood dog also with the name Shadow...

I can go on and on with experiences from the past to now (I am currently 18). I have had one premonition in my life time and many ghost sightings. I have also dreamed things that had come true, I can also feel things around me. But I haven't had any of these experiences for at least 2-3 years. But just recently it seems to be starting back up.

Just last week I had a dream I wanted to dye my hair auburn red. I awoke realizing I don't want to do that and I had no idea why I would dream such thing, but the dream stood out. It was like it wasn't right so I thought about it all day until I saw my friend who had dyed her hair. What color? Auburn red.

And just this past weekend I had gone to a concert. It was a two day event, but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen, it wasn't bad, bad, but I felt like something was going to happen. Well Saturday it rained, poured buckets on us and I ended up leaving the concert early was kind of upset.

What is wrong with me? Can anyone give me answers? I mean it is like everything comes to me, I don't go to it or them. I believe in all of this and I do want to learn more of how to use these abilities, but I need help understanding them... What do you think?

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