What My Mother Saw

by noone
(Tucson Arizona)

This is on the topic of black eyed people, though, oddly enough, the being she saw didn't actually have black eyes. I say this because it fit every other characteristic of a "black eyed being", except for the eyes.

My mother had a lot of very weird things happen to her. We come from a family of psychics. She was psychic, a few others in our family were psychic, and I have had psychic experiences. Now, before I begin, I must explain that I don't know the exact sequence of events here, and I would ask, but my mother is dead, as are most of my other family members. Those who are still alive I am not on good terms with, so I can't go talking to them.

When I was infant, I was possessed by a demon. I don't remember exactly how old, but my mother told me that I sat up perfectly straight, started moving my head around, my face filled with rage, and began pounding the tray. And not just pounding it the way some infants do. These were hard hits, hard enough to break the chair. This house was haunted, and that was just one of many things that occurred there.

On another occasion, my mother was driving on a freeway, and suddenly the car ended up in the middle of the desert, on a dirt road. She drove the car along the road, not knowing what else to do, and found that it led to a gas station which was filled with people. All of the people just stared at her, silent. They wore some sort of weird clothing, really ratty. She said after getting gas, she drove on down this dirt road, and it turned into the freeway again.

These two things happened when I was a baby. But there was something else as well, something that I think fits into the "black eyed people" thing, and that I think gives insight into what they are.

My mother opened the door one day to find an older woman wearing a tie, man's boots, and a jacket. She was filthy, and had a dry personality. She asked to use the phone, and my mother let her in. The phone was near my room, and my mother, being trustworthy, let her go there alone. When she went back to get the woman a few minutes later, she found her over my crib. She of course kicked the woman out.

Now, these events seem isolated, right? I don't think they are. I think they are connected, and I think they run deeper. See, I've always had this sense that I'm different somehow, not quite human. Now biologically, I'm definitely human. My body works just like anyone's and has its share of problems. But, I've had a lot of weird experiences, seen what are known as Hell-hounds (one brushed right by my leg. I felt it, thought it was one of mine, and then was shocked when it walked right through a wall), actively fought off a hagging experience (I actually punched the thing), and have had all sorts of experience with the spiritual.

When I get angry, things seem to shift. I've had lights flicker around me, electronics that weren't working properly a second ago suddenly correct themselves, and I've seen people who have really angered me get hurt or have a string of bad luck right after doing it. It doesn't always happen, but it happens enough for me to notice it. When I want something or need something badly enough, it seems to come to me in the most unexpected ways, and when it doesn't, I eventually realize that it would have either harmed me or I liked what happened instead better.

My mother has had many experiences after those I illustrated before, including, and I promised I wouldn't tell anyone this, being raped by some sort of spirit several times. In one instance, she told me that she saw a huge, black creature behind me as I walked into the house after school, which would make sense, since I have seen shadow people standing at my bedroom door my entire life.

I think the black-eyed people are demons or some sort of spirit, and I think they have something larger planned. They are possessing people and taking on human forms, those who can. I don't know what the end game is, but I think it is larger than just these individual encounters. I think it is global. I think they have plans for this world, though I'm not sure what those entail.

Just look at the state of the world, and then look at their seemingly sudden arrival. You know, black is actually only associated with evil here in the west. In the east, it's not. They could be here to help, but we'll need to see.

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