What They Are

by Cassie
(Hinesville, Georgia)

This story may seem fiction to you but it clearly is not for I still have very fond moments and memories of such. I will give some personal info just so you how it all started.

I was born October 4, 1993 at 10:19 pm in a women's hospital somewhere in Alexandria, LA. Well, what confused me was that my best friend of soon to be 20 years was born the same day, month, year, 30 minutes apart and at the same place. September 2001 I moved to Kentucky, where I was just normal and I mean NORMAL. I was checking the mail when two kids started bullying me, all of a sudden I heard this high pitch yell like it was evil of some sort.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" is all he said. I ended up falling the ground covering my ears while holding my pentagram that an old friend gave to me (which I no longer have). I ended up passing out and I woke up with like 50 people around me. I freaked out until Katelyn (the same age as me girl) spoke to me, she told me "Everything is going to be okay, you just fell." but her parents told her not to lie to me, that I needed to know the truth. So, they told me and it was hard to comprehend at first but it started to come to me.

Soon, I was always at their house and such. One day, I was like 10 years old, Brandon Sr. took me to a club that he owned and managed all together. It was wild. I came home later that night, Kyle (is now my ex) was laying on his bed drinking what I thought was that sticky type syrup, boy was I wrong, he was drinking blood. I was disgusted at first, and had ran home. I thought to myself 'is this really happening' and I finished with 'yes, it really is'. I went back over and they all explained that they're Witches and well Vampires. Kyle ended up putting me in a trance that actually ended me in the hospital.

(Sorry for this to be long)

Anyways, ever since I supported everything. Now, this part is kind of emotional for me but yeah. Okay so the year is 2007, me and Kyle broke up and so his older brother Brandon Jr. and Kyle's twin Kylen (pronounced Ky-Lynn) had followed me to a park down the road from my house. No one was around and the cop was on patrol (he lived right across). Brandon Jr. was just talking to me and everything was just peaceful. Then Brandon Jr. did what I never thought he would do, grabbed me by the neck and just bit me. I couldn't scream because there was a third hand on my mouth. Then another sharp pang went through the other side of my neck and that was the last of the pain except for when Kylen started clawing at my back. When they were done they left me there.

I went back to my house and cleaned up with a hose, I went to bed after and awoke with nothing on me, I mean seriously I was like freaking out and I almost pissed myself because of it. But after I started cutting and having urges for blood. Soon, over the years I quit going outside.

(Again, sorry for the longness)

It's July 2013 now, I have headaches that never go away, I get hot really fast, I get cold really fast, I have chills, my eyes burn if I go outside, I'm constantly thirsty, my nose bleeds like almost everyday...

What they are.... Is Witches and Vampires.

I'm Wiccan but I never thought of myself as a vampire... Is this normal?

Excuse me if you cannot properly read this, its after 1:30 AM.

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