What Was That?

by Michelle Lopez
(ontario, ca, )

So I know that this might not be a long story but I'm only 13 and this happened when I was 10. I have 2 siblings - one sister and one brother.

One night in my 2 bedroom apt it was about midnight when I had awakened from a horrible nightmare. I was laying in bed with my brother (5) who was sound asleep. I was facing the wall and he was facing the door. My sister was on the bed under (we had bunk beds). So when I woke up I wouldn't dare sit up considering the fact that I was always afraid of the dark. I had the door open and all of a sudden I hear this noise like a hogging noise. It was so unusual considering the fact that we lived in the city. I was paralyzed with fear I just hear all of these things on my dresser being thrown everywhere... I thought it was my sister so I said, "Nellie, stop!" Then the noise stopped for like three minutes and continued again..

So I thought it was a robbery and yelled out my mom's name since her room was across from mine... no answer... the noise stops again... once I get the courage to turn around there was nothing at all. Everything was thrown around as I would have expected. I get down from the bed still terrified since it was dark and I try to look around to see what happened. Nothing was stolen. I was so confused, there was no sign that anyone was there but I will never forget that awful noise. It never happened again but I still don't know what it was.

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