What's Happening?

by Adi

When I come in contact with silver

When I come in contact with silver

This all started 2011, I started noticing strange things happening to me. I started getting strange black marks where I used to wear silver bracelets, I started hearing things and seeing shadows at night in my back garden and places in the house.

The most terrifying thing which happened was when I had a dream in which a little girl was standing in the middle of a road when it was raining and for some reason I had the date and time on my wrist, it was 12th day of the 3rd month 2016. The strange part was then the girl said "you cannot escape what lives in you" and caught on fire and disappeared then the dream ended.

I have awoke multiple times with a cold sweat and have looked outside to see only a dark outline of a young girl staring at my room. Now the weird part, I tried going to a church to seek help but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to enter. It was like I was no longer in control of my body and couldn't take a step closer. I tried to read a Bible but when I pick it up and open it all of the words are blurry and I cannot make anything out of it.

Now the strangest thing which I have experienced so far is when I went to visit a psychic to help me, she looked me in the eye and a look of disgust and hatred came over her and she said "I know what you are, and you are not welcome". Then for some reason I couldn't reply to ask what she meant by that and what I was because it was like I lost control. I couldn't open my mouth and it was as tho I had no control over my legs I slowly walked out no matter how hard I tried to stop and ask her what was happening I couldn't get the words out.

I am now haunted by dreams of this little girl on the same road, with the same scenery, same date (12th day of the 3rd month 2016) the only thing which changes is what she tells me. She tells me things like "you cannot escape", "no one can help you", "you belong to me", "you cannot escape what lives inside you". I have tried praying but the words just won't come out and I cannot mention his name to ask forgiveness or protection. Also a recent name which pops up in my dreams before the girl sets on fire is abaddon, the girl has said "Abaddon has need for you" but I have no idea who this person is, is it some sort of wizard? This is the last place I can turn to because everywhere I go for help I am turned down and told to leave or simply ignored.

Please help I don't know what is happening. The image is what happens when I wear silver bracelets or necklaces. Again someone please help. Don't turn me down.

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