When I Was Afraid of the Dark

by Ashton

When I was five years old like many kids that age, I was afraid of the dark. My mom had to sit with me and she would wait until I fell asleep so that she could go back to her room and sleep. My closet had always been left open. I wasn't freaked out by it, I wasn't thinking about "There's a monster in my closet" like some kids would say.

When I would wake up in the middle of the night and realized my mom wasn't next to me anymore I would yell out "MOM!" As soon as I would make noise (like when I would yell for my mom when she had left after I had fallen asleep), these lights would show up in my open closet in the dark. I was scared out of my mind when I saw them and ran to my mom and dad's room.

I don't remember, but I probably told them about the lights in my closet and all of this is the reason I keep my closet closed unless I need something out of it and it's one of the reasons why we got rid of my bed and I slept on a bunk bed afterwards.

What could have this been? Could it have only been my imagination? Because it seemed pretty real to me and I was pretty freaked out about it.

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