When The Wind Blew

by Pem

My name is Pem. I was only thirteen. Primrose, my sister who we all call Prim, was four. I was never that close to losing her. Now I'm sixteen, but my fears for her still won't go away.

We came to my grandma's for holidays. She had a huge, creepy house, which felt just like home to Prim but got me very suspicious. One day my mother and grandma said they were going to choose furniture for our new house, and they have to go very far, so they'll only be back by next day. Prim felt perfectly safe and happy, because she had me. I had no one to look after me but me.

I went to bed, but at something like 3:00, Prim woke me up. She had tears in her big, blue eyes and mumbled something. I think she said "Max and I are no longer best friends!" before falling asleep in my arms. Must have been a nightmare, then. Had plenty of those myself. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Cold sweat broke through my skin. My brown hair felt damp. Then, in horror, I realized that Prim was missing! I fell out of bed and stumbled down the stairs, yelling "Prim!" Then, from the window in the kitchen, I saw Primrose walking around in the garden. I grabbed my mother's rubber boots and ran outside. Prim's arms were up in the air and she was talking to the darkness. Or...something only she could see. I felt creepy and ran up to Prim, grabbing her by the waist. She broke free in shock and started to wail. Then I felt my eyes rolling back into my skull and my knees bending until I fell backwards.

I woke up, bolting into a sitting position. My hand flew at my heart. Then I realized I was in a white bed. My mother, grandma, father, and Prim were sitting on chairs next to me. Prim. Prim. Prim. Prim. She was safe, and only that was important.

Note: Someone, tell me who that was! Was it some spirit after my sister or a ghost? I need to know!

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