Where Is It?

by Alyssa
(Gilmanton New Hampshire, U.S.A.)

There once lived a 9 year old girl. Her name was Lily. Her parents named her that because they loved to plant lilies. One day her parents were going on a date night. They trusted Lily to behave. They left her alone because they couldn't find a babysitter. Once her parents had left she decided to go and look at the lilies.

When she got outside she just sat in the grass and looked at them. Just then she saw something move inside them. She went to go take a closer look and a chipmunk jumped out and ran away. She laughed. She got worked up over nothing.

She went into the house to get a drink, then she came back out. She sat down again. About two minutes later she saw something move again. She went over to shoo it away. What she found there was not a chipmunk. She saw a werewolf! She didn't even think they existed. She took off running for the house. She made it and locked the doors.

That night when her parents got home she told them but they didn't believe her. Her dad went out to check and found nothing. He said it was just part of her imagination.

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