by Carly
(Carly land)

Susie sat in the living room, staring at the television. Her parents had left her at home to go out to yet another party. She flicked the channels around a bit until reaching the news. Her eyes opened wide... A mad murderer had escaped from prison? Susie wondered if it was the same one her parents had gotten locked up last year...

She looked at the time and decided to head off for an early night, taking her dog Scout up with her. He was a good dog, bred to be a guard dog and very strong. She settled under the duvet and stuck her hand under the bed for Scout to lick, like she did every night. It came up wet, and she smiled and felt less scared... With him protecting her, what could go wrong? She fell asleep soon.

She was awoken by what sounded like the wind. The window was shut in her room, so she checked the landing. Nothing, and all the while, the whimpering and scratching noise went on. She finally gave up and went back to sleep. She soon awoke again, to the same noise a little louder. She stuck her hand under the bed again to receive a licking, and lazily got up again. Maybe she'd left the bathroom window open... She opened the door to check.

What she found shocked and really scared her... The dog was shut in, whimpering and whining to get out. "Well," she wondered, who gave me a lick when I stuck my hand under the bed?" Then she saw the writing on the wall... It read, 'Humans can lick too.'

When her parents arrived home they couldn't find her, and never did. So one night, the mother went to bed while her husband was at work, and let their dog lick her hand... And that was when the whimpering began.....

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