Whispers Entered The Room

by Anne

One night we were at my friend Angels's house and to make a long story short a witch put a curse on the house and has like 30 spirits in it walking about.

So my friend Felicity, myself and Angel where laying in bed together speaking of scary things that have happened to us or family members. We had been going on about the topic for a few hours already and my friend Felicity, who has a sort of power so she can tell if a spirit is around, had checked to see if there was anything there. She said No which was bull because I'd already witnessed things before.

So we were talking, our feet hanging off the bed pointing towards the door. And like natural instincts I look towards the door because I felt a presence that were suddenly there & at that moment the door began to open. We didn't see anything but what we heard & felt was strong. A woman's whispers were at the door way, speaking words I couldn't make out. And where our feet were at there was a heat and vibrations.

We freaked out, we all immediately got up. We shut the door and I said we should go with her mother who was in the living room. My friend Angel opened the door and immediately shut the door. What?!! we asked her, she didn't say anything just shaking her head and opened the door and quickly walked out.

Later we asked what she saw, she said she saw a little girl that was dressed in a gown like from the 17th century.

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