White Fox in the Woods

by Arlene

I live in a backwoods town, and go by the name, online, of Arlene.

I've long known that there is a Gate to the Fae Realms in the woods behind my home (more specifically, in the swamp), and have been troubled before by fae (I believe your site calls them 'demons' but I dislike calling the Fair Folk that) both beneficent and malevolent. But of all the encounters I've had, nothing sticks with me as boldy as the many different pure white animals that stalk the woods.

One in particular is of keen interest to me, and has been watching me for almost 15 years. A fox twice the normal size with pure white fur turning pinkish or perhaps almost red around the ears, who seems to keep watch over the garden under my window. I can't count the number of times I've woken up in the middle of the night just to look out and see her (somehow, I know she is female) glance back toward me and then trot off in the direction of the Gate with a flick of that long, fluffy tail.

There are two other frequent visitors. One is a strange creature which has made itself known to my boyfriend on several occasions but seems to stalk me unceasingly, and more often at certain times of the month than others.

The other, a pure white stag, has been seen by everyone else who has property near the gate as well.

What I want to know is...

What in the name of all the gods does that white fox want with me? And why does she keep leading me toward the Gate?

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