Who Can I Trust Now?

It was a couple years ago. I was 13, and I would always walk along the train tracks. One day, I looked behind me and I realized that I never went that way. So I started walking along those tracks.

A couple minutes later, the tracks seemed to be violently smashed. Alongside the tracks was a little hut. My curiosity, getting the better of me, or maybe something was pulling me there. I hopped off the tracks and entered the small hut. I looked around. I saw a torn up couch, broken table, pieces of paper ripped everywhere. Seemed like an abandoned place, but there was one thing that caught my eye. I looked at the piece of paper hanging on a wall. It was perfectly decorated, as if someone was waiting for me. I took it, and a box stood behind it. I grabbed the box. That was when I heard footsteps.

These footsteps sounded like someone was stomping on metal. I ran as fast as I could, all the way home. I read the note. It said, "Μην ανοίξετε το παράθυρο. Είναι γεμάτη με τα κακά κακό του Σατανά. Για τον κόσμο και τη λογικότητά σας, μην ανοίξετε το κουτί." I didn't understand what it said, so I threw it aside and looked at the box. It had an inscription that read, "Whisper and Receive." I whispered, and I "received!"

The box unlocked, and there was a necklace. I put it on, and shortly, passed out. When I woke up, I felt different. When my mom came in, she asked what happened. She then said, "Why does this kid have to be so irresponsible? He's gonna kill himself!" I yelled at her, and she walked away. I will tell you right now, the necklace lets me read peoples' bad thoughts. I can't take this thing off of me, but I do hear whispering at night. Like a little song.

He came, unlocked, and revealed our soul. Now we have power from their red moon full. He'll serve as our first slave. His mistake has sent him to his grave.

I am frightened, as a man seems to be watching me when I look out my window. He doesn't look like a man. Too scary, but he still looks like he fell from heaven. If I read his lips correctly, he should be saying, "Tick-Tock."

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