Why Does It Attract Me?

by Anodya Mishra

Hey... Well this really isn't a horror story, but it scares me, it attracts me, and it makes me feel crazy!!!

There is a place in Uttarakahand named DEHRADUN. And this name is what makes me feel creepy and attracted! I just want to know, why do I feel connected to that place? Listening to that name different scenes come to my mind. A huge house near a forest, cold night, dark woods... and the trees calling me!!! And in the middle of the forest someone waiting for me!

There is a dark figure in black, but I never see his face! It is killing me. I am not able to concentrate on anything except for thinking about this. Is this something about a past life? Why is it that whenever or whoever takes the name "DEHRADUN" I feel so attracted towards it?! Like the place belongs to me ! Like even now someone is waiting for me to come in the middle of the forest !!!

Guys, help me out! I need to pay attention to my career, but I am not able to because of this DEHRADUN thing!!! I have Googled many times about events taking place in DEHRADUN in history, but never found out what its relation is to me!!!!

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